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We are the ideal partner for organizing your convention, conference or corporate event.

TAP Meetings 

TAP is your ideal partner for organizing congresses and conferences. Our flexible products and services are adjustable to the type of event and the number of attendees.

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The benefits

Those attending these events and the organisers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounts of up to 15% on airfares for organisers, participants and travel companions;
  • Online bookings;
  • Flexibility in choosing travel dates and times, with a travel window of 10 days before and after the event date;
  • Mention of the event on our website, which has more than two million visits a month;
  • It is also mentioned in UP Magazine;
  • 85 destinations in 36 countries to choose where to hold the event;
  • Contact us by email to congressos@tap.pt and find the answers to all your questions and organise the event with us.

Events calendar

Calendar of events where TAP is the official carrier.

January 2020

Event name Dates Location
II Congresso  Global de Direitos Humanos  15 to 18 January Lamego 
4th International Caparica  Symposium on Nanoparticles/ Nanomaterials and Applications 2020 20 to 23 January Caparica
FITUR  22 to 26 January Madrid 
FISTOP 2020 24 to 26 January  São Tomé and Príncipe 
ONIM  27 to 31 January Porto 
XXVII Colóquio da AFFIRSE 30 to 01 February  Lisbon 

February 2020

Event name Dates Location
V Encontro Mundial de Piano de Coimbra  01 to 08 February Coimbra 
XXI Congresso de Psicanálise  05 to 08 February Lisbon 
2nd AIM - “Cost Annual” & “WG Meeting”  10 to 13 February  Lisbon 
Global Limits Sao Tome- The Hemisphere Crossing 13 to 20 February  São Tomé and Príncipe 
Cascais International PRO-AM  17 to 22 February  Cascais
Cascais Amateur Classic Trophy 22 to 29 February Cascais
IX-IN 4Med – Congresso Médico Cientifico 27 to 01 March  Coimbra 
14ª Conferência Internacional Sándor Ferenczi   28 to 29 February  Lisbon

March 2020

Event name Dates Location
BTL 11 to 15 March   Lisbon
EIF  16 to 25 March  Porto
Global Health Summnit  18 to 20 March Lisbon 
t-Forum 2020 Global Conference 18 to 21 March   Lisbon
LisboMUN International Conference 19 to 22 March  Lisbon 
International Healthy Aging Summit  20 to 22 March  Lisbon
14th European Systems Conference  20 to 26 March  Évora
Emergys 23 to 27 March  Sal 
FHIN - Smart Farming, Health Ingredients and Nutrition  24 to 26 March Lisbon
EXPO- Forum Digitalks Lisboa 25 to 26 March  Lisbon 
MIL - Lisbon International Music Network 2020 25 to 27 March  Lisbon 
11th AIMS Meeting  26 to 29 March Lisbon
Congresso Medico-Cientifico dos Açores  27 to 28 March Ponta Delgada 
Conference Radio and Digital Audio Professionals 29 to 31 March  Lisbon 

April 2020

Event name Dates Location
Urban Future Global Conference 2020 01 to 03 April  Lisbon 
2º Congresso Ibero Americano em  Estudos da Paisagem 02 to 03 April Sintra
XI Congresso Internacional CSO2020  02 to 08 April Lisbon 
IENE 2020 International Conference - “LIFE LINES - Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions 04 to 09 April  Évora 
TripNgo Conference 07 to 19 April   Lisbon
Associations World Congress 2020  15 to 17 April Cascais 
Planetiers World Gathering 23 to 25 April  Lisbon 
International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2020 25 to 27 April  Madeira 

May 2020

Event name Dates Location
Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT'20)  04 to 06 May Lisbon 
Internacional Congress APPE-SEPEX  07 to 09 May  Faro
Semana Lusófona de Farmácia Hospitalar, SLFH | 2020  11 to 15 May Lisbon 
4º Encontro de Conservação e Reabilitação de Edificios- ENCORE 2020  12 to 15 May  Lisbon
Mozambique Marketing Summit 14 May   Maputo
Advantage Conference 15 to 18 May  Madeira 
ITS European Congress 18 to 21 May   Lisbon
V Congresso Internacional de Riscos 18 to 22 May  Coimbra
UX LX  19 to 22 May  Lisbon
21.º Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Citologia  21 to 23 May Madeira 
11th Int 5-a Side Aviation Cup 2020  22 to 26 May Caldas da Rainha 
V Congresso Internacional em Dislexia e Dificuldades de Aprendizagem 23 to 24 May  Lisbon 
X Encontro Anual da AIM  27 to 30 May  Setúbal
DjangoCon Europe  27 to 31 May Porto 
Copa Mundial de Juristas  27 to 01 June  Lagos
Conferência das Nacões Unidas sobre os Oceanos 27 to 07 June Lisbon 

June 2020

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
IV Encontro? Luso-brasileiro Trabalho Docente e Forma??o de Professores 03 to 05 June Lisbon 300  
IAU Symposium 352: Uncovering early galaxy evolution in the ALMA and JWST era 03 to 06 June Viana do Castelo 200  
ECA 2019 - Congresso Europeu de Atuários 06 to 07 June Lisbon 180  
ICCS Meeting 2019 - International Conference  on Computational Science 12 to 14 June Lisbon     
Academia ALCF | 2019 17 to 21 June Lisbon 60  
ICOT 2019 - Congresso Internacional do Turismo 24 to 29 June Braga/Porto 200  
International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses 28 to 30 June Lisbon 700  

July 2020

Event name Dates Location No. of Delegates Find out more
CIBIA 2019 - XII Congresso Iberoamericano de Engenharia de Alimentos 01 to 07 July Faro 300  
AMB World Volleyball Masters 11 to 14 July Espinho 200  
International Talent?Competition 18 to 20 July Lisbon 1000  
Festival Internacional de Música de Marv?o 19 to 28 July Lisbon 300  
ICSA 2019- - 4th International Conference on Structure and Architecture 24 to 26 July Lisbon 300  

August 2020

Event name Dates Location
XV Congresso de Geoquímica dos Países da Língua Portuguesa (XV CGPLP) 23 to 27 August Lisbon
EAAP 2020 - 71st Annual Meeting of European Federation of Animal Science  31 to 04 September Porto 

September 2020

Event name Dates Location
XIV Congresso Luso-Afro-Brasileiro de Ciências Sociais (CONLAB 2020) 01 to 04 September  Coimbra 
4th International Caparica Conference on ISPROF 2020 06 to 09 September Caparica
International Conference on Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability - CEES 2020  08 to 12 September Coimbra 
17th European Conference ECHA 2020 (European Council for High Ability)  09 to 12 September  Porto
65th DISTRIPRESS + FIPP Congress 13 to 16 September  Estoril 
Fórum RH Moçambique  17 to 18 September Maputo 
15th Yes Meeting 17 to 20 September  Porto 
Fourth International DAM World Conference 21 to 25 September   Lisbon
EDANA OUTLOOK Conference 22 to 25 September  Lisbon 
The 2020 FEA Global Aerosol Events  23 to 24 September Lisbon 
III Congresso Ibero Americano de Investigações em conservação do Património 24 to 26 September   Lisbon
2020 Concordia Forum 24 to 27 September  Sintra 
Lisbon Tango Marathon  24 to 27 September Lisbon 
eXperience Agile week 2020 26 to 30 September  Lisbon 

October 2020

Event name Dates Location
European Association for Research and Education in Communication  Conference 02 to 05 October  Braga 
SNOMED International Business Meetings  and SNOMED CT Expo 2020 03 to 09 October Lisbon
XXII IPRA-CINDER International Congress  06 to 09 October Porto 
Business Transformation Summit 08 October  Lisbon 
The 2020 Grand Internationals 08 to 11 October  Portimão 
International Council of Educational Media (ICEM) 14 to 17 October Santarém
Simpósio Internacional do ICTM (International Council for Traditonal Music)/Grupo de Estudos de Iconografia e Artes Performativas 15 to 17 October Lisbon 
2nd International Caparica Conference on Leishmaniasis 2020 26 to 28 October Caparica 
49ºSymposium of European Society of Clinical Pharmacy 28 to 30 October Lisbon 
The House of Beautiful Business 31 to 04 November  Lisbon 

November 2020

Event name Dates Location
33ª edição da Conferência Anual  AEHT 02 to 07 November  Aveiro 
Teachers and Teacher Educators: Education and Professional Development for Early Language Conveners 12 to 14 November  Lisbon 
Forum Amour 2020 22 to 25 November  Cascais 
CIGRAC 2020 24 to 27 November   Lisbon
4th International Caparica Conference on Sample Treatment 29 to 02 November Caparica
4th International Caparica Christmas Conference on Sample Treatment 2020  30 to03 November Caparica 

December 2020

Event name Dates Location
09 to 11 December Lisbon